Latona Consulting is an innovative consultancy company specialising in the fields of rock engineering, geology, methane, flammable gases and health and safety, working in all types of mining and geotechnical environments, both in South Africa and internationally. Originally known as Itasca Africa (Pty) Ltd, the company has operated since 1994.

Rock Engineering

Many years of experience covering a wide range of mining methods and conditions make us confident that we can provide practical and implementable solutions to rock mechanics and strata control problems in any open pit or underground mine - from sophisticated design using advanced numerical modelling tools to the quality assessment of support design and installation. We also provide a regular rock engineering service to mines requiring a part-time rock engineer, and have provided rock engineering input to many feasibility studies.

Flammable Gas

We have unique expertise with gas problems in both coal and hard rock mines, as well as greenhouse gas emissions, and have developed practical and efficient sampling and testing methods, and reliable assessment of risks. Our Methane Rating system has become an established tool in the South African industry to estimate the gas content of coal seams and analyse the associated risk for mine ventilation systems. Our experience has lead to involvement in many major long-term, industry-funded, research projects, and use as experts in the investigation of many gas-related accidents and incidents.


Our practical on-site approach to customising solutions to specific problems has found favour with all of our clients.

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